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Dr. Moran Bodas


"A Decade of Trauma Injuries in Israel 2000-2009" - National Report 2011




The Israel National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research was established in 2001 and is a multidisciplinary research center.

In February 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) designated the Israel National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research at the Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research, as a WHO Collaborating Center.

The center accommodates and manages the national Israel Trauma Registry. The national Israel Trauma Registry was created in 1995 and included five regional trauma centers. Currently the registry includes 21 hospitals with a goal of full coverage of all 26 trauma centers. To date, registry includes data for over 500,000 patients. Data from the trauma registry are accessed and analyzed for routine quality control of the trauma-care system as well as systematic analyses for research purposes. For example, the registry has been used to identify trends in demand for care, high risk groups, hospital utilization and outcomes. One of our developments is the 'Barell Matrix' which is today used by many researchers around the world.


Aims and Goals

1. Manage, maintain and update the national Israel Trauma Registry.

2. Conduct research, document, report and disseminate data that will

serve as a basis for improvements in treatment, prevention, policy,


    • Focus prevention efforts on relevant and high risk groups;
    • Assist decision makers by providing current data regarding various aspects of injury related hospitalizations;
    • Improve medical knowledge in an effort to enhance future treatment and outcomes;

3. Assist in quality assurance for treatment of trauma patients based on

the analysis and presentation of data, at both the hospital and the

national levels.



The Israel National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research works in close collaboration with the trauma and emergency medicine departments of the level I and regional medical centers, the National Council for Trauma, the Ministry of Health, the National Council for Road Safety, the Child Safety Council, municipalities, academic institutions in Israel and abroad and other units within the Gertner Institute. In addition, the center is involved in various international workgroups related to injury statistics, injury prevention, and terror related injuries such as the WHO.


Research areas

Current research from the trauma registry focuses on:

  • Terror-related injuries
  • Road traffic injuries
  • Home injuries
  • Violence related injuries
  • Childhood injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Other injuries
  • Managing Mass Casualties Events


The staff at the center brings together people from a wide multidisciplinary background, including statisticians, social science graduates, special advisors for mass casualty events, trauma speacialists and more. Many of the staff members hold masters and Ph.D.'s in public health. The center also enjoys access to many leading trauma-care physicians as a result of their collaboration with the Israel Trauma Registry.