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Prof. Ofra Kalter-Leibovici



The Unit of Cardiovascular Epidemiology is a center for interdisciplinary research on cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular risk factors.

Cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death in Israel, underlying about one third of mortality above one year of age. Cardiovascular mortality has declined during the past few decades, due to improved prevention of cardiovascular disease and its complications, and improved care of its acute forms. However, now that more patients survive acute events of cardiovascular disease, there is an increase in the prevalence of chronic expression of the disease, associated with functional impairment, compromised quality of life, and increasing needs for ambulatory care, acute care and hospitalization.



  1. To carryout research aimed at gaining better understanding of the underlying genetic and environmental factors associated with the development of cardiovascular disease and its outcomes.
  2. To study the outcome of the effect of treatment and health services on people with cardiovascular disease.

The studies performed relate to various sectors within the Israeli population, and are carried out in collaboration with other investigators in Israel and abroad. The unit investigators maintain an open dialogue with health-policy makers and healthcare providers in Israel.


Areas of Research

Observational Studies:

  • Research of environmental and genetic risk factors of cardiovascular disease and the interaction between them, including molecular epidemiology.
  • Follow-up studies on the outcome of patients with cardiovascular disease or cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Studying the extent of use of health care services for prevention of and rehabilitation from cardiovascular disease.
  • Developing intervention programs and evaluating their effectiveness through clinical trials in the fields of:

          prevention and rehabilitation

          effective management of patients with chronic diseases.


Description of Activity

The unit's primary focus is the study of cardiovascular disease. The unit is also involved in a wide range of further activities, including:

  • Developing methodology and relevant research tools for the unit's fields of interest, including evaluation tools for nutritional assessment and counseling.
  • Activities within the framework of National Health Councils under the aegis of the Ministry of Health.
  • Frontal teaching and guidance of undergraduate medical students and of Advanced Degree students at the Faculty of Medicine at the Tel Aviv University.
  • Activities within relevant professional associations and forums.


The Team

The unit's team is highly qualified and trained, with vast knowledge and experience in the fields of epidemiology, public health and health system management. The team includes physician specialists in public health and endocrinology, a cardiovascular epidemiologist, a nutritional epidemiologist, a systems analyst, research assistants and an administrative assistant.