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Prof. Siegal Sadetzki



The Cancer and Radiation Epidemiology Unit initiates and conducts epidemiological studies on the etiology of cancer. The studies conducted by the Unit focus on characterizing the risk factors of developing different types of cancer (brain cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.) and the possible effects of radiation as a risk factor for morbidity and mortality (for example, tinea capitis research). These studies are designed to help draft an informed health policy and outline health guidelines and legislation based on an up-to-date database and current knowledge.

Studies are selected paying close attention to the scientific issues unique to Israel and the existence of collaborative efforts with the international community in examining crucial scientific questions.


Principal areas of research

  • Epidemiology of cancer
  • Epidemiology of radiation: ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation, diagnostic radiation
  • Genetic and molecular epidemiology


The Unit's multidisciplinary staff is brought together from a variety of professional backgrounds which include medicine, epidemiology, genetics, nursing, nutrition and computer science. Establishing partnerships with researchers in Israel and overseas, international agencies and national councils is an integral part of the Unit's work.