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Arnona Ziv



The Information and Computerization Unit is one of the Gertner Institute's three central units that provide services to all research units. The unit provides varied information and computer services that include assisting researchers from the Institute and elsewhere to plan and conduct epidemiological studies and clinical trials. The unit's staff provides the Institute with computer services and specializes in developing systems and using SAS software to process data.



The objective of the Unit is to provide centralized computer services to all Gertner Institute units and staff members.


Fields of activity


  • Technological infrastructure: Design of the central computer system at the Institute, including development, installation, localization and maintenance; providing support and training for the system's users; maintaining the Institute's personal computers; purchasing hardware and software; formulating policies and standards for data security, and the installation and use of computer equipment.


  • Data and data processing: Assisting projects and studies initiated by the various units at the Institute; designing the computerized framework for each study in cooperation with the researchers in charge; developing computerized management tools; controlling and supervising research in the field; developing systems for entering research data; setting up databases, quality control of data and data processing in collaboration with researchers involved in each project; creating work files to support the ongoing work of the researchers and statisticians.  


  • Special projects: Initiating, planning and implementing projects in the health care system in general, and at the Gertner Institute in particular.


  • Outsourcing: Consulting services for planning and conducting epidemiological research and clinical trials for external organizations; establishing computer infrastructure for SAS; data processing using SAS.


Composition of the staff

The Information and Computerization Unit is staffed by systems analysts, network managers and programmers.