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Human Resource Director

Limor Ben David



The Gertner Institute is an autonomous research setting, with independent administrative policy, which works in conjunction with the Ministry of Health.  



Planning, organization, operations and management of the Institute's resources, budget and research budgets. Management of the Institute's human resources.


Fields of activity

  • Managing, organizing and advancing the Institute's human resources.
  • Consolidating, managing and supervising the Institute's budget and external research budgets.
  • Preparing and monitoring contracts with organizations and research institutes which provide funding.
  • Helping plan, budget and monitoring work plans.
  • Preparing budget reports for the Ministry of Health and other agencies that provide funding.
  • Managing the Institute's external relationships with various agencies in the health system, research institutes, researchers, academic institutions and other organizations conducting research.
  • Financial reports to agencies that provide funding.
  • Coordinating in-service courses, training and participation in conferences.