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Digital-based patient-centered healthcare solutions creates a new frontier for Patient Relationship Management. Value innovation allow patients to actively participate in managing their own care, using personally tailored interactive tools. Such empowerment is aimed to increase patients' willingness to adopt actions and lifestyles that promote their health, as well as improve follow-up and compliance with treatment in cases of chronic illness.


Creating a significant and long term engagement using Digital-Health platforms is a huge challenge, as it requires the integration of various persuasive technology methodologies and high-end technologies. These include: dynamic personalization algorithms, combined high-tech and high human touch (Hybrid Health) approach, incentive management, and social reinforcement.


The holy grail of patient engagement is based on three cornerstones:

  • Providing patients access to their medical information,
  • Presenting the information in a personally meaningful way,
  • Enabling patients to act upon their information using interactive tools.


At the infrastructure of patient-empowerment-focused platforms lies the analytics dashboard which provides analytical reports regarding engagement level, intervention influence, demographic sub-analysis and more. This enables true insights into platform's real-world effectiveness, both at the patient and population levels.


Patient empowerment strategies and technologies are at the heart of the various Digital-Health platforms developed by the Gertner institute, as this is the only way to promise robust, long-standing, influencing consumer experiences, which challenge the status-quo and address the aim of improved outcomes.