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Dr. Yakir Berchenko


Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel

Ph.D., Awarded December 2010, summa cum laude.

Thesis Topic: Structure and Dynamics of Clustered Networks

Advisor: Professor Mina Teicher

Area of Study: Network Theory

Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel

B.Sc., Biology and Mathematics (graduated 2004)

Attended the Special Program for Outstanding Students

Magna cum Laude, final grade: 93




University of Cambridge (December 2010 - May 2013).

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Network Sampling and Epidemiology

Statistical methodology.

Biomathematical modeling.

Rabatit engineering Ltd., (2006 - December 2010).

Consultant, algorithms and data mining.

Providing innovative solutions for various practical and theoretical data-mining


Leading and supervising small teams responsible of implementing and testing the

algorithmic solutions.



Bar-Ilan University: Neural Networks Course



Scholarships and Awards


2005 - 2010

Direct Ph.D. Track Presidents Scholarship.

2005 - 2010

BIU: Direct Ph.D. Track Presidents Scholarship.


Katzir fellowship


MEXT global COE program (visiting Tokyo institute of technology and

Hokkaido University).


European Conference on Complex Systems, Dresden

(travel grant for presenting a paper)


Centre de Recerca Matem_atica travel grant to NEUROMATH06

2002 - 2004

TAU: the Special Program for Outstanding Students Scholarship.

2002 - 2004

TAU: Dean's list.

Memberships and Activities

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

CID, the Cambridge Infectious Diseases Consortium

Reviewer (statistical methodology), Sex. Transm. Infect.




Research interests

  • Statistical Methodology
  • Mathematical/Statistical Modelling
  • Classification and Cluster Analysis
  • Normalized Information Criteria
  • Respondent Driven Sampling
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Recent Projects

  • IBD patients' classification; with Ilya Novikov.
  • RP patients' classification; with Bernice Oberman.
  • Mathematical modeling and cost-effectiveness of campaigns battling  Brucellosis; with Amit Huppert.
  • Statistical modelling of environmental surveillance, and its application to polio detection and eradication; with Amit Huppert.
  • Evaluation via RCT of the efficacy of comprehensive care program in Asthma or COPD patients