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Dr. Havi Murad



1990 - 1993    B.A. (Education & Statistics), "cum laude", Hebrew University


1994 - 1998    M.A. (Statistics), "summa cum laude", Hebrew University

                      Thesis: "Mixed linear models with intra-individual variance",

                      guided by D.M. Zucker and S. Oman


2003 - 2007    Ph.D. (Mathematics & Statistics), Bar-Ilan University, Israel

                      Thesis: "Analysis of the multiple linear regression model with 

                      interaction, where explanatory variables are measured with

                      error", guided by L.S. Freedman.


Brief Chronology of Employment:


10/96 -09/97  Statistician, Statistical consulting laboratory,

                     Hebrew University


10/97 -09/98  Statistical advisor to B. Lerrer, Department of Psychiatry,

                     Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem


10/97 -09/98  Research Assistant to O. Manor & D.M. Zucker in "Mixed

                     linear models applied to small samples", Hebrew University


10/98 - 09/00 Statistician, Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Gertner



10/00-Pres     Senior (since 2013) statistician, Biostatistics Unit, Gertner



10/04-12/04  Visiting research student, Fulbright grant for doctoral

                    dissertation, Biometry Branch, Division of Cancer

                    Prevention and Control, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda,

                    Maryland, USA


Awards, Scholarships and Other Honors:


1993             Dean's list of Social Sciences Faculty


1993             Giora Meizler Prize award


1994 - 1995  Hebrew university scholarship award for excellent

                    achievements in M.A. studies


1998             Putter Prize for excellent M.A. Thesis, awarded by the Israeli

                    Statistical Association


2003 - 2006  Doctoral Fellowship for Excellence, awarded by the President of

                    Bar-Ilan University


2004             Fulbright grant for doctoral dissertation students, awarded by

                    the U.S-Israel Educational Foundation (USIEF)


2004 - 2005  Wolf scholarship for Excellency in research


2006            ISCB student conference award for the presentaion of paper

                   entitled "Estimating and testing interactions in linear regression

                   models when explanatory variables are subject to classical

                   measurement error"


2007            Peritz Prize for excellent Ph.D. thesis in biostatistics, awarded

                   by the Israeli Statistical Association


2007-2009   Israeli representative in the Executive Committee, Eastern

                   Mediterranean Region of the International Biometric Society



2009-2011  General Secretary/Treasurer, EMR-IBS


2013           Co-chair, 7th EMR-IBS conference, Tel-Aviv, Israel


2013           Program Committee, 7th EMR-IBS conference, Tel-Aviv, Israel 


2013-Pres   Chair, Israeli Biostatistics Forum (IBF)


2013           Program Chair, 1st meeting of the Revived IBF, Tel-Aviv Univ


2014           Local Organizer, 2nd meeting of the Revived IBF, Tel Hashomer


2014           Program Committee, Israeli Statistical Association conference



2015           Program, Israeli Statistical Association conference, Central

                  Bureau of Statistics, Jerusalem


2013-2015  President, EMR-IBS


2016-2018  Editor, Biometrics Bulletin



Professional Societies:


2001-2007    International Society of Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB)

2007-Pres     Israel Statistical Association (ISA)

2001-Pres     International Biometric Society (IBS)



Selected Committee and Board Membership:


2003-2006   Education Committee of the International Society for Clinical

                   Biostatistics (ISCB)

2007-2015   Executive Committee, EMR-IBS

2016-2018   Communication Committee, IBS



Selected Lectures and Presentations:


2002   Oral presentation: Ordered logistic regression with small samples 

          does it help to collapse outcome categories? (ISA conference, Newe-

          Ilan, Israel)


2002   Oral Presentation: Conditional logistic regression versus generalized

          estimating equations in the analysis of binary outcomes among

          multiple births (IBS conference, Freiburg, Germany & ISCB

          conference, Dijon, France)


2006   Oral presentation: Estimating and testing interactions in linear

          regression models when explanatory variables are subject to classical

          measurement error (IBS conference, Montreal, Canada & ISCB

          conference, Geneva, Switzerland)


2009   Invited Speaker: Estimating and testing interactions in linear

          regression models when explanatory variables are subject to non-

          classical measurement error (ISA conference, Beer-Sheva, Israel)


2014   Invited speaker: Estimating and testing interactions using Multiple

          Imputation, when explanatory variables are subject to non-classical

          measurement (8th EMR-IBS Conference, Cappadocia, Turkey)



Reviewer for Professional Journals:


          Statistics in Medicine




Research Interests


Havi Murad is a senior statistician in the biostatistics unit. Since 2013 she has been leading projects and gives guidance and consultation to less experienced statisticians in the unit. She served in different positions in the Executive Committee of the Eastern Mediterranean Region of the international Biometric Society (EMR-IBS). She was the Secretary (2009-2011) and the President (2013-2015). During her presidency she held a campaign to increase student membership in EMR-IBS, nominated qualified officers for the next Executive Committee (2015-2017), suggested to hold the next EMR conference in 2017 together with the Italian region, suggested to organize a short course in one of the developing countries of EMR such as Bulgaria with financial support of IBS, and added an amendment to the by-laws of EMR by a vote held during the conference in Cappadocia Turkey in 2015. This amendment will help increase regular membership in EMR by registering non-member participants of the Bi-annual EMR conference as members using their conference registration fees. She also renewed the meetings of the Israeli Biostatistics Forum, which is a branch of EMR-IBS, in 2013, and served as its chair since then. She has been appointed as the editor of the Biometrics Bulletin (2016-2018) .


Her main research interests are:

  • Methods for correcting for measurement error (in particular estimating and testing interactions)
  • Imputation methods for missing data (covariates: cox time-dependent models, linear models with interactions and covariates measured with error. Outcome:  non-ignorable missing data)
  • Mixed linear and non-linear models
  • Categorical data and ordered logistic regression
  • Survival analysis and joint modeling